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Effect Of Viagra to the reproducrive function

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Viagra (Sildenafil in Australia) is a miracle cure which helps to solve very serious problems in the sexual sphere. This drug is used by men to treat erectile dysfunction and prevent the development of impotence. This drug has been using since 1998 and everybody has already known about this drug in almost each country of the world. A special spreading has got Viagra from Australia because it may be bought via Internet without necessity in different prescription indications and similar confirmations about possibility of taking this product.

Taking Viagra Australia men do not even guess that this drug affects not only their erection but also other functions including reproductive ones. According to data of the clinical studies a stimulating effect of Viagra to the potency is connected with the increase of the blood flow into the area of pelvis and genitals.

Some data state that the pharmacological action of Viagra Australia Online does not influence on the reproductive function and ability of the conception. In fact, Sildenafil, an active component, does not affect the quality and quantity of sperm, and therefore using this medication the ability to conceive remains on the same level. However, these data are based on one-time or short-term use of the drug.

According to other official clinical data Viagra Australia may affect the reproductive function but only in case of the long-term use. A regular stimulation of the male body by this drug leads to the fact that all processes taking place inside the body are quickened. Under the influence of the drug the course of the biochemical reactions which occur in the process of the union of spermatozoon with ovule is also accelerated. The acceleration of the reactions results in the disorder of the entire process and this may affect the ability to conceive.

At the moment scientists conduct different studies of the pharmacological properties of this drug which should prove a participation of Sildenafil in the stimulation of the reproductive function.

The manufacturers of Viagra have initially produced this medical product for the mature men who had erectile dysfunction connected with the age-related disorders. Proceeding from this they did not study all peculiarities of the drug and could not assume that the stimulating effect of Viagra Australia may lead to the changes in the whole body.

Despite the fact that the effect of this drug to the reproductive function is indirectly confirmed, do not avoid its usage. In order to gain this effect it is necessary to take blue pills of Viagra within 2-3 years every day. If the man takes this drug for a long period of time but from time to time in order to maintain erection during sexual intercourse, the risks of the drug effect to the reproductive function are reduced almost to zero.

There are a lot of the obscure conditions in this question and specialists work on this. Only the quality and valid study of all properties and abilities of Viagra Australia may bring the final results. The only thing which is known now is – if this drug is taken within reasonable limits without abusing the overdose and frequent use of the pills, it is possible to gain the improvement of your potency and forget about sexual problems forever.